Our Tech-Tee's. We love them, and we hope you do too! Now is your chance to get one of our locally made and ethically sourced shirts! Not only are they moisture-wicking, they are breathable, antibacterial, odor resistant and fast drying as well. Now you see why we love them?

Through Labor Day weekend, the Tech-Tee's will be priced at $20 for the short-sleeved shirts and $25 for the long-sleeved shirts, OR buy one, get one FREE if you cannot get enough of them like us! Once they clear the shelves, they won’t be back until next year! See you soon!

*** SALE IS IN-STORE ONLY. Please visit our Tremont store or Crocker Park kiosk! 

Why We Choose Everbrew

At Everarbor, we are firm believers in the products we make and sell, and we also use them every day! Everbrew is our own soil additive that we make at our Tremont store. It is certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is made for any type of garden—whether it is used for urban agriculture, farming or simply plant beds in your yard! Kristin, one of our employees, used Everbrew to enhance her garden this year at the Lakewood Leaf Community Gardens. For more bountiful tomato plants and healthier garden veggies, we choose our Everbrew



We might be a little late with bringing you what's new for June (how embarrassing), but what better way to tell you about what we have going on this summer than the FIRST week of summer! Am I right?!

We have some exciting things going on this summer-- a new tech-tee, tee-shirt designs, and our signature Everbrew comes in smaller bags! Check it out!

Come Visit Us At Crocker Park, Beginning TODAY

  PHOTO: Kristin Bauer

PHOTO: Kristin Bauer

If you cannot make it down to our Tremont Store this summer (you really should), no problem! There is more exciting news happening at Everarbor this week: Come visit us at our new location at Crocker Park! If you can find Brio, you can find our new kiosk. We will have a selection of clothing and our famous Everbrew available for purchase! 

Our Crocker Park hours are: Monday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Sundays from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We will be at Crocker Park throughout this summer, beginning today. Come check us out!