Derek Skapes (Owner)

Derek has been hiking, playing sports, landscaping, and has been passionate about wildlife/outdoors since he was a kid. Throughout his life, Derek has spent times working in the different aspects of Everarbor. His inspiration for creating the company stemmed from his experiences landscaping, traveling, working in wildlife research/care, arboriculture, horticulture, and clothing.

email: derek@everarborco.com

phone: 440.823.7945


Katie Saar (Director of apparel and orders)

Katie loves the outdoors… etc

email: katie@everarborco.com


Drew Skapes

Hello, this is Drew Skapes of the Everarbor Company. I am the manager of construction and that basically means if you can think it, we will build it and i will be the one to make sure its done correctly. Ive been making the days go by while i was outside since i was a toddler. It used to be playing wiffle ball, football or capture the flag but as i grew older just taking hikes in places i have never been satisfied the same need. You dont know whats out there for you until you experience it.

email: drew.everarborco@gmail.com