Everbrew is an Ohio Department of Agriculture certified specialty fertilizer; also referred to as a soil additive (nutrient supplement). Everbrew is meant for any type of garden whether it is used for urban agriculture, farming, or simply plant beds in your yard.  Everbrew is made from all natural ingredients which are locally sourced in Cleveland, Ohio.

Everarbor's Everbrew is a tested and analyzed mixture of coffee shop waste mixed with brewery waste; producing a soil additive with higher nutrient content (Total Nitrogen 3.43%) than some leading brands.

It is packaged in 5 gallon buckets which are measured by the volume, not the weight.  

To achieve optimal results, either mix Everbrew with existing/potting soil or use as a grass topdressing.  When mixing with soil, mix at a 2:1 ratio. That is, 2 parts soil and 1 part Everbrew.  

The intended use of the product is a soil supplement (also referred to as an amendment) or potting media.  It is meant to be mixed with the soil used for planting (ex. existing soil or potting soil).  It is also intended for use as a grass or turf topdressing.  Everbrew can be used in place of chemical fertilizers on grass seed, new/established grass, as well as in plant beds.  1 BUCKET COVERS/SPREADS UP TO 35 SQ. FT.

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**In store only:

2617 Scranton road, Cleveland (Tremont), Ohio 44113

See the "Purchase Everbrew" page for details on how to purchase online and have it shipped to you.

Here are the stores where you can purchase Everbrew:


15613 Detroit Ave. -- Lakewood, Ohio 44107

phone: 216.505.5333 -- www.naturesoasisstores.com

Puritas Nursery

19201 Puritas Ave. -- Cleveland, Ohio 44135

phone: 216.267.5350 -- www.puritasnursery.com  

Lakewood garden center

13230 Detroit Road -- Lakewood, Ohio 44107

phone: 216.221.0200 -- www.lakewoodgardencenter.net